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Counselling, Training and Professional Supervision

Helping people of all ages achieve a better quality of life, never gets old.

Emma Fursman
Registered Mental Health Professional

About me.

I have been a registered mental health practitioner since 2007 and have worked as a counsellor, a trainer and mental health specialist. I have experience working in GP practices alongside medical staff, in alcohol, drug and addiction services and with family and youth services. I have also worked within corrections and with the Capital and Coast DHB.

My philosophy .


Each age comes with its own stressful life events and the size and frequency of these often determine whether our path through life is a rocky or smooth one.

A difficult childhood can take its toll and can make the transition to into adulthood even harder than it already is. 


Untreated ongoing stress can cause chronic anxiety and worry and deep feelings of sadness and depression. It can take its toll on our sleep, our appetite and drive  us to self medicate the pain or turn to behaviors we may feel are too difficult to control. Left un-treated feelings of low self esteem, hopelessness and feeling trapped can result in feeling like there is never a way out.

I can assure you there is a way out and through and even over if need be. I can provide some of those road maps and with counselling help make coping with those speed bumps more bearable.  ​I understand the value of privacy and confidentiality. You can be yourself with me and I don't judge.


I work with parents of young children who are struggling, primary school children, teenagers and young adults, adults and older adults 65 years+.

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Counselling Services
Private, safe one to one sessions

I specialise in working with


Childhood issues: Childhood anxiety, adjusting to new siblings, daycare and preschool problems, relationship problems with other children, food issues, anger issues, parental separation and divorce.

Primary and Secondary School Students: Low self esteem, depression, anxiety issues including social anxiety and relationship issues with peers, LGBTIA+, gender and sexuality issues, bullying and social media problems, sleep problems, acne, skin and weight issues, family relationship problems, bulimia and other compulsive behaviors, anger issues, goal setting, parental separation and divorce, bereavement from suicide and loss of close family members.

Adults: Anxiety including work burn out, depression and low mood, sleep problems, anger management, alcohol, drug, gambling, pornography addiction, bulimia and weight issues, family relationship problems, bereavement from suicide and loss.

I use evidence-based therapy modalities that include but are not limited to;

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Solution focused therapy

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Stress Management

  • Goal setting

  • Systemic Family and relationship therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Wholistic Health models

  • Nutritional Psychiatry


Individual sessions online or in person

$120 + gst per hour.

Couples counselling

$150.00 + GST per session

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Training and Continuing Professional Development
Tailor made group training sessions

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Mental Health Training for Teaching Staff


Designed for Teachers, School and Administration Staff, School Principals covering topics such as;

  • Recognising triggers and warning signs in primary and secondary school students.

  • Anxiety and self harming behaviours.

  • Depression and suicidal ideation.

  • Tools to provide support.

This two hour workshop is designed to be delivered onsite in the workplace in the same amount of time as a staff meeting. The workshop includes education on the most serious presenting mental health issues in children and young people, how to assess risk and provide support.


please inquire

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Professional Supervision
Private, safe one to one sessions

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Professional  supervision functions as an emotionally safe space that, in turn, promotes critical reflection and has a positive impact on health workers emotional well-being. This supervision provides support and guidance for the management of personal and professional demands that are created by the nature of the work. 


$140 + gst per session.

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Frequently asked questions

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Contact Me

Emma Fursman


Phone: 027 292 1569

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